A discography according to Webster’s dictionary is “1. a descriptive list of phonograph records by category, composer, performer, or date of release., 2. the history of recorded music”.

The following is the list of music projects written and recorded by Jerry:

It’s Alright Now, 1982/Milk and Honey Records

Send Us to the World, 1983/Milk and Honey Records

Voices, 1984/Milk and Honey Records

Only the Overcomers, 1985/Greentree

The Best of Harvest, (compilation), 1986/Greentree

Give Them Back, 1987/Benson

A Call To Action (Video), 1987/Benson

Holy Fire, 1988/Benson

Carry On, 1989/Benson

The Early Works, 1991/Benson

Let’s Fight, 1991/Benson Video 1992/Benson

Mighty River, 1993/Benson

Mesa (Dallas Holm, Dana Key and Jerry Williams), 1993/Benson

41 Will Come, 1995/Benson

Warriors Arise, 1996/Debt Free

Flood Over Me, 2001/Debt Free

Angels Anthem, 2003/Debt Free

Gideon: A Mighty Warrior, 2006/Debt Free

Thank You, 2009/Debt Free

Not all of the recorded music is still available. To view and/or order available product, please check out the “Product” page.