The Next Decade

Consecration, separation, reclamation, and restoration.

We just finished the annual Alliance Summit gathering of pastors and ministry leaders this past weekend. What a monumental encounter with the Lord. It was not just a wonderful time in His presence or business as usual. It was a life-changing encounter where He spoke to us regarding the next decade for the Body of Christ. Also, He birthed EPIC into the international realm in just one weekend. We now have a relationship with a brother in India, who became ordained into relationship with EPIC and its United Christian Leaders Alliance. We will be putting together a mission trip team to go to India in the not too distant future. Brother Samson is a Bishop with over 2000 church and over 1800 pastors in his care. We are excited about partnering with him to help see the Kingdom of God established in greater measure in India. Praise the Lord! We also had a missionary from the Philippines to attend and have begun the establishment of relationship with him and the work God is doing in that country as well. We had Brazil represented and will be working with a couple here in the Houston area that has been sent out of a church in Brazil to plant a church here. We ordained 10 and licensed 2 into the work of the ministry at this year’s gathering. What a power time in Him. He has given us directives for the next decade. Of course, these never vary from what He has already given us in His Word. The four seasons of this next decade are consecration, separation, reclamation, and restoration.

If you want to see restoration you must be willing to go through the other 3 seasons that precede it. For those who are willing, the reward will be exceeding, abundantly beyond all that you can ask or imagine! Are you ready?


  1. David Vesely

    Are you planning on elaborating on the 4 seasons of consecration, separation, reclamation, and restoration? I would like to hear you share more on these seasons, if you would?

  2. Walter Fink

    Hey Jerry. It has been so long since I saw you that I can’t remember where it was. Kathy Cozzens, my niece, (her mom Betty was my sister) fwd your recent update to me. We left Houston in 2001, retired in 2004, moved to Colmesneil, TX, where we live on Lake Amanda. I, too, have been involved in prison ministry but appears that I have retired from that. The Gib Lewis unit for men is near us in Woodville. The chaplain is Mike Maness. It would be great if you could set up a date to minister there. I would love to see you and Donna and worship together. We have room for you to stay with us. I remember that Kathy worked for you and the ministry for years. Blessings to you both.

    Resting in Him, Walter Fink

  3. Carel Taute

    I got to know Harvest music in the early 80s at university in South Africa. I was richly blessed by your music and I thank you and the other guys for your input in my life through your music.

    Thank you again
    Carel Taute

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