Heroes of the Faith

Present day "heroes of the faith"

It is easy to go to the book of Hebrews and in Chapter 11 see a list of the heroes of the faith and gain encouragement. However, we recently had an opportunity to be with some present day “heroes of the faith” and it was extremely inspiring. At the beginning of this month we were honored to be invited to be a part of the ministry team for the Tim La Haye Ministries Pre-Trib Conference. We were further honored by being seated beside Dr. and Mrs. La Haye at the banquet table that evening. As we visited with them, I was overwhelmed by the faithfulness of this couple. They are in their 80’s now and still going strong for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaiming His return. Truly, this is how I want to live my life. To be constantly about our Father’s business, which is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and make disciples.  I want my life to count for the Glory of God. I want to spur others on to being a witness for Christ.

Thank you, Dr. Tim and Mrs. Beverly, for the heroic lives you are leading for the cause of Christ and continuing to proclaim His coming and His return. You are my heroes! Donna


  1. Paul

    Well Brother Jerry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha ha ha ! how you been I finally tracked you down again !

    For some reason God just wants you and me to stay connected!

    Love you !!


  2. darlene & tiffany joy taylor

    Sister Donna & Brother Jerry, WARRIORS ARISE ! LUKE 10:19 “GOD GAVE ME ALL THE POWER TO TRAMPLE ON SNAKES & SCORPIONS & TO OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY”(“BUT I WILL NOT REJOICE IN THIS POWER, BUT I WILL REJOICE BECAUSE my NAME IS WRITTEN IN HEAVEN”) HALLELUJAH ! Thank you, Thank you for training me to be a ‘warrior’ for HIS NAME SAKE! Oh yes, & thanks for the “S W A T” cap, still wearing it. So is my mom. We share. 🙂 Sister Donna, mama said to tell you, her scripture is still the same, ISAIAH 54. (But, at this moment, please take to heart ISAIAH 54:17!) GOD loves yal sooo much… blessed are you with BOLD, yet Compassionate & Tender Hearts. We long to see yal. We must see yal soon.

  3. Kevin Black

    You guys are also heroes of the Faith, your music ministry and life’s testimony has been and will remain a solid foundation, an inspiration and motivation to press on, in an unstable world.Love your website & will be back to order your new music. Blessings in abundance from SA.

  4. Peggy Ferguson

    So glad I found Epic website and this blog. Jerry Williams songs and music have blessed my life since Harvest. And now as a grand mom I can arise a warrior for the Lord. Every day I walk and sing the Warrior Arise, Mighty River over and over to the Lord. Thank you both and God bless you continually and thank you for blessing my life.

  5. Judy Abrahamson

    I am so absolutely excited to find your website!!!!!!! My forever all time favorite
    music is “Harvest” !!!!!! I was at two of your concerts in the 70’s at NW collage
    in St. Paul, MN. What a total really great time ever. Then at some point things
    changed some of the Christian bookstores didn’t carry Harvest anymore with
    the “new” Christian music there & on the radio. I was really disappointed with
    it to say the least. I have some of your albums, cassettes, & cd’s limited amount
    I am so happy to be able to order from you & get everything I can. Yeah !!!!
    God’s anointing on your music/ministry is rare to find these days, the only
    group I have found with the harmony & anointing is the Booth brothers. I hope
    sometime I will be able to come there in person & see your ministry. God bless
    your family & ministry in a mighty way always. Thank you, thank you, Judy

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